Our Culture

Empowered Employees & Exceptional IT Service

Over the last 26 years, ESI has distinguished itself from competitors through its desires to breed leaders and create long lasting relationships. ESI’s culture is one that encourages individuals to make executive decisions on behalf of the organization. Our goal is to empower autonomous employees to respond diligently to client needs. ESI has crafted a flexible system and fostered an environment to allow our teams to provide exceptional service without interference.

To provide that level of autonomy, ESI understands the importance of providing clear benchmarks for success and governance to support employees to make decisions that are in unison with ESI values and our client’s requirements. Moreover, by empowering employees to serve and lead in accordance with our standards, our employees are happier, and our resolution times are faster due to the removal of legacy bureaucratic structures. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset. ESI believes that when we provide exceptional service, we can build effective and long-lasting relationships between our employees, clients, and vendors.


Our Vision

Endless Pursuit of Technological Excellence

ESI provides exceptional customer service by cultivating a culture of servant leadership that provides predictable, professional, and competent results. ESI’s high standard of service is achieved by building a community of skilled support teams that solve difficult problems through teamwork, education, honesty, and respect. ESI believes that excellence is a benchmark that can never truly be met, but through the endless pursuit of excellence we can continually improve and thrive.

Our Values

Community, Professionalism, & Candor

ESI is committed to the core values of community, professionalism, and candor. ESI feels that not only are these core values important, but they are a necessity for success. ESI’s community is comprised of its clients, employees, and vendors. We strive to be an integral partner to this community, knowing that our community’s success is the reason we exist. Moreover, ESI understands the importance of professionalism, and the impact that professionalism has on its community. It is ESI’s duty to provide competent, courteous, and predictable solutions to all members of its community.

Last, the most imperative value towards achieving success is candor. ESI believes that successful relationships and professional outcomes occur when organizations and people are forthright with their needs, pending problems, and mistakes. Leading with candor allows ESI to build successful relationships and provide predictable outcomes, and professional results.


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